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Can Drinking One Soda a Day Lead to Hair Loss?

Sometimes we think that nothing is truly bad for us as long as we do it or eat it in moderation. But that may not be true about soda and other sugary drinks.

A study published in January 2023, suggests that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (including sweet tea and coffee, sweetened juices, and soda) may increase the onset of hereditary hair loss in men between 18 and 45 years old.

Does Soda Cause Hair Loss?

The study links excessive sugar to early hair loss. Specifically, it found 30 percent more men who drank one to three liters of sugary drinks a week reported genetic hair loss.

When that was increased to one soda a day – or basically a gallon a week of sugary beverages – that percentage jumped to 42 percent. Almost half of American men report some hair loss by age 50, but sweet drinks appear to make it happen sooner.

Healthline points out “that 63% of young people and 49% of adults in the U.S. drink these beverages each day” and they are linked to obesity, tooth decay, anxiety disorders and more as well as hair loss.

So, is switching to diet soda the answer?  No. It doesn’t help much at all.

Can Drinking Too Much Diet Soda Cause Hair Loss?

Since the new study focused on sugary drinks, many people’s first reaction was to decide they could switch to artificial sweeteners or diet soda. But the truth is that most doctors recommend against diet soda.

While aspartame (the primary artificial sweetener used in diet soda) does not have the same sugar problem as other sweetened drinks, evidence suggests that it increases cortisol levels in the body – and may even slow metabolism.

Along with alcohol and sweetened drinks, diet sodas often appear on lists of foods to avoid if you want to keep your hair.

What Foods Cause Hair Loss?

As medical professionals, we know that diet plans have an important role in the health of the entire body… including your hair. But are there foods you should specifically avoid eating to help prevent hair loss?

Yes, and the lessons aren’t unusual or ground-breaking. Processed foods (especially refined carbohydrates) which add sugar to your blood stream, are generally bad for the body and bad for your hair.

While we emphasize the importance of getting proper nutrition and vitamins (including the “healthy fats”), the truth of the matter is that an unhealthy diet may be one of the primary factors in triggering genetic hair loss.

This is one place where moderation is key. Dairy, for instance, is good for getting your hair the protein it needs. But the fats in dairy can increase testosterone levels which can lead to other forms of hair loss.

Is Coca-Cola Good for Your Hair?

It seems like every few years there will be some weird trend in hair care or beauty products promoted by someone without the medical knowledge to back it up. Lately, it’s a few models telling people to rinse their hair with carbonate soda to make it appear fuller.

Please don’t.

The mild acidity in the soda can actually damage the hair follicle and the keratin in your hair. It might make it seem fuller, but that’s because the hair is damaged. It’s the same effect as over-drying or over-processing and may actually lead to hair loss.

BayMed Can Help You Fight Hair Loss and Make Your Hair Look Better.

If you are struggling with hair loss or know that you have a family propensity for genetic hair loss, BayMed Hair can help you figure out the right diet and nutrition plan to slow the process. Our trained professionals can help you evaluate the causes of your hair loss and offer suggestions to improve the look of the hair you still have. Skip the soda and Starbucks and contact us today for a real solution.

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