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Common Hair Transplant Myths

As a society, our perception of age is changing. Where we once accepted that looking older and balding were just facts of life, that’s simply not true anymore.

People are staying fit and active well into their golden years, and many want to look good as they do it. For some people, that means doing whatever they can to keep their hair.

Unfortunately, just like the myths about aging gracefully, myths abound about hair restoration. They don’t tell you that hair transplants are more natural looking and common than ever before.

Let’s talk about five of the most common hair restoration myths and why they are not true now… if they ever were.

1. Only Men Can Have Hair Transplants

We can blame this myth on high school biology classes and outdated theories of genetics. They taught us about male pattern balding in class but never mentioned that thinning hair and balding can also be genetic in women.

In fact, until the last decade or so, no one talked about hair loss in women. It was just expected that women would wear a wig or a hat and not be concerned about their hair loss. Hair restoration is an option for women!

Sadly, articles like this one from WebMD exacerbate the myth. Hair loss in women is often more patchy rather than in a specific spot. Still, the lack of a major “bald spot” is not a problem for more advanced hair restoration surgeries where doctors are replacing individual hair follicles.

2. Hair Transplants Look Obvious

The art and science of hair transplants go back decades and – let’s be honest – some of the early attempts didn’t look great.

But the most modern forms of hair transplants do not simply replace a patch of hair. Follicular unit transplant surgeries allow the doctor and technician to imitate your natural hairline as they place hair follicles in a pattern that looks natural. No more obvious straight-line implants.

3. You’re Too Old for Hair Transplants

Age is not as important in your decision to have hair restoration treatment as is your overall health. Like most things, the sooner it is done, the better.

In this case, earlier is more effective because your own hair is used in the transplant process. The healthier your donor hair is, the more likely it is to regrow after a transplant. In most cases, between 10 and 80 percent of the hair transplanted regrows – according to Healthline.

4. Hair Restoration Is a Painful Process

While this is a surgical procedure and comes with some amount of pain, modern hair transplants use smaller incisions and more precise hair removal than the procedures of the past. We can’t promise the process will be pain-free as everyone has a different pain tolerance, but we can say that it’s generally not considered painful. Each hair that’s removed is less painful or comparable to pulling out a hair with tweezers and is performed under a local anesthetic.

5. Only Rich People Can Afford Hair Restoration

No one can decide for you whether investing in your appearance is worth the cost, but we can say that hair restoration is an investment. It helps restore your self-confidence and helps you look younger and more attractive.

So, what is that worth to you?

The cost of hair restoration depends on the type of hair restoration procedure you choose, your team, and even where you live. Though generally speaking, even the most expensive hair restoration costs less than $15,000. While it’s not an impulse purchase for most people, it is not an unachievable expense. People from all walks of life can and do afford hair restoration.

Call BayMed Hair & Aesthetics to Learn the Truth About Hair Restoration

If you’ve been putting off your hair restoration because you believed one of these myths or just because you weren’t sure it was right for you, contact us today. Ask about our free consultation and how soon you can start regrowing your hair.

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