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Importance of Hairline Design in Hair Transplants

After choosing to opt for a hair transplant to remedy your hair loss, your next question might be: “How is this going to look when I’m done?

Many people fear that modern hair transplants will look unnatural or look something like an old-style comb-over that might draw even more attention to their hair loss. The truth of the matter is that with the combination of science and modern transplant techniques, your new hairline can look any way you want it to.

Do All Men’s Hairlines Recede?

As we grow older, almost all men and many women experience hairline changes. We develop what is known as a mature hairline. The hair recedes further toward the scalp and leaves a wide swath of our foreheads visible.

For young men, a hairline is typically straight across with more rounded or soft edges.  As we mature, it recedes to about an inch and a half above the highest forehead wrinkles and becomes more of an M-shape.

What Is an M-shaped Hairline?

As people age (especially amongst white men), their hair tends to thin along the hairline – going from a generally straight line to an M-shape. That means hair loss is concentrated in the area above the temples, forming the humps of an “M” and leaving a widow’s peak or triangular spot of hair in the middle of the forehead.

Because this is the pattern of age-related hair loss in many men, it may seem like a very natural-looking option for choosing your hairline after a transplant.

However, the National Institutes of Health warn that choosing the right hairline after a transplant can be vital to the transplant success. Patients with unstable hair loss or hair loss from certain types of alopecia may not be good candidates for transplant surgery. So, choosing either their “young” hairline or even a mature hairline may not be the best option for transplant surgery.

In fact, patients with diffuse hair loss may need to wait until their hair loss has stabilized before seeking a transplant. They also need to be certain their scalp is healthy enough for a transplant.

Can I Reshape My Hairline?

Yes… potentially. A hair transplant specialist can help you determine if your scalp and hair follicles can support a transformation in your hair line. When you are in the process of choosing surgery, a discussion about the way your hair will look post-surgery is an important part of the pre-surgery workup.

BayMed Hair Can Help You Choose the Right Hairline for You

Here at BayMed Hair, we understand that not all hairlines are created equal. Our talented staff can work with you to plan a hairline that makes your transplant appear as natural and attractive as you want it to be. Call us today to talk about reshaping you hairline and your future.

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