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Male Psychology & Hair Loss

It’s the age-old debate about what came first. But instead of the chicken and the egg, we’re talking about depression and hair loss.

Psychological researchers  have not found a strong correlation between hair loss and depression. That is to say, there is no substantial scientific evidence that depression causes hair loss, but the two do tend to go hand-in-hand.

Anxiety and depression are common in men who experience hair loss, but they tend to come after the hair loss. So does poor self-esteem and diminished confidence.

What Mental Illness Makes Your Hair Fall Out?

Stress. While stress is not technically a mental illness, it’s one of the cognitive factors that we know have a direct impact on your hair’s look, feel, and health.

The way that happens is high levels of stress change the hormone levels in your body and promote telogen effluvium. The stress hormones tell your hair follicles to take a rest, so they go into the stage where they don’t grow. The hair no longer grows, breaks, or is damaged, and suddenly, it looks like your stress is causing your hair to fall out.

That is not to say that your mental state cannot impact your hair loss. Many prescription medications can significantly impact our hair, so if you are taking anti-depressants or similar medicines, look at the list of side effects or talk to your doctor to find out if hair loss is a known side effect.

What Does It Mean When a Man Loses His Hair?

Unfortunately, for most of us, our mental health is tied to how we feel about our bodies, so when a man starts losing his hair, it can create a lot of anxiety and depression.

Many men assume incorrectly that hair loss is tied to their testosterone levels and that they are less “manly” because they have less hair. While testosterone levels impact hair loss, a lack of manliness does not lead to hair loss. Environmental and hereditary factors, medications, and many more reasons are responsible for hair loss.

However, the perception that hair loss makes one less attractive or less masculine can be psychologically damaging. Many men who are experiencing hair loss for the first time may want to talk to both their hair loss specialist and their mental health doctor about the way that hair loss makes them feel.

Call BayMed Hair and Aesthetics for Your Hair Restoration Needs

If you’re starting to experience thinning hair – or more severe hair loss – I have a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatment methods available.

At BayMed Hair and Aesthetics, we provide various treatment options for your hair loss while your mental health professional helps you find ways to feel better about yourself. Knowing that your depression and anxiety are normal and can be treated is essential. So is knowing that we can treat your hair loss. Contact us today to schedule your free consult.

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