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Choosing Precision and Minimally Invasive Excellence at BayMed Hair

Understanding FUE vs. FUT

FUE: Precision and Minimally Invasive Excellence

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is the pinnacle of precision in hair transplant surgery. At BayMed Hair, this process involves individual follicle extraction from the back of the head, meticulously placed in the desired area. Dr. Papandreou and our surgical team are present throughout the entire procedure, ensuring the highest quality results.

The process commences with the careful buzzing of hair to a specific length, followed by the manual extraction of each follicle using a motorized FUE device or the cutting-edge Artas IX robot. This meticulous “harvesting” stage ensures the finest quality follicles for transplant. Dr. Papandreou’s expertise shines during the incision phase, where he draws out a personalized hairline for each patient.

Our pride lies in precision and technique. The motorized handheld FUE device allows Dr. Papandreou unparalleled control over the depth and location of each extraction, resulting in minimal invasiveness and virtually no scarring. Crafted by industry trailblazers with over 30 years of hair restoration surgery experience, this device epitomizes excellence. 

The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant is the world’s first and only robotic hair restoration procedure and is FDA-approved.

Why FUE at BayMed Hair?

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FUT: Invasive Nature and Scarring

At BayMed Hair, we opt against the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedure due to its highly invasive and scarring nature. Unlike FUE, which focuses on precision and minimal invasiveness, FUT involves removing an entire strip of scalp after grafting hairs, resulting in more noticeable scarring.

Dr. Papandreou prefers the minimally invasive FUE surgery using our ARTAS® iX robotic machine or Ellis technology. These cutting-edge strategies provide minimal to no scarring, reducing pain and downtime after the procedure. Choose BayMed Hair for a hair restoration journey that prioritizes your comfort and delivers results with unparalleled precision. 

Why Avoid FUT?

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Unlock the secrets to confidence and vibrant hair.

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